By default, a Discord subscriber's profile is decorated with a system avatar. Replacing the image with a personal picture is easy.
Replacing your avatar

A custom avatar can tell new acquaintances a lot about a person. You should not neglect this opportunity to express yourself by posting a personal photo or a funny caricature.

The following instructions will help you use Viber settings to place the user’s own picture as an avatar:

Open Viber.
Go to the settings menu by clicking the “gear” icon on the left side of the panel located at the bottom of the screen.
Go to the “My Account” block.
Click on the previously downloaded avatar or photo set by the system by default.
Select the “Change avatar” action.
Mark the desired picture from the device memory or from the desktop.
Execute the “Open” command. … a_avatarki

Once the image installation is complete, click the finish symbol to record the changes made.
Image formatting is carried out automatically. The user will not be able to crop or rotate the picture, or resize the photo according to their own wishes.