SPY mouse - this arcade puzzle game for Android will introduce you to a little playful - a little mouse! Gray daredevil decided to eat cheese, and he needs your help. The goal is to make your way to the cheese, and then to the burrow, because the mouse hunts the cat! How will you cope with the cat - it's yours - distract him with the TV or just're gonna cheat, then walk away when he starts to jump on you, and maybe think of something else. The main thing - to reach the goal - the cheese and run in the hole! 70 levels of dynamic gameplay with the included brains! Many worlds, locations and hidden levels! Cartoon graphics and good mood!

Not sure how to spend time on long lectures? Download Spy Mouse for Android - and you won't be bored! An exciting arcade puzzle game that will not leave anyone indifferent and is now "configured" on your mobile device! Become a loyal friend of the tiny, curious little mouse, go with it in all its endeavors and especially in search of another favorite piece. A little adventurous decides to eat cheese, but he can't get a piece without you! In Spy Mouse on Android, you have to pave the way for cheese and make sure it doesn't fall into the paw of an evil and harmful cat. The way you distract a cat is a headache: you can turn on the TV, turn down, dodge, beat. The main thing is to save the mouse from it and make sure the gray student is still getting his cheese.

At 70 amazing levels, your mind can't rest for even a minute. A large number of game worlds, different locations, hidden levels that do not remain indifferent to players with experience. The game and beautiful comic graphics that help create an excellent mood.