Technology changes and time passes, but you can keep your memories current. Imagine the excitement among your friends and family when they unwrap the gift of video! Now you can quickly convert old VHS to DVD or digital, right at home! It’s easy. You’ll find yourself equipped with all the tools you need to not only convert video, but to enhance it and even add titles. Then, when you’re ready, simply export your revived video to digital, or burn it to disc complete with chapters and menus. Keep the memories alive!

There were a couple ways to digitally preserve your home movies and photos at the time. But none of them inspired confidence. They required time-consuming tasks like measuring the length of your film with a ruler, as well as packing and shipping your belongings without any guidance, insurance, or even assurance about the quality of the copies you’d receive.

And too much was at stake for that: The clip of your child’s first steps. The clip you’d love to watch again, so you could hear the sound of your father’s voice.We believed then, as we still do, that people shouldn’t lose their connection to the past simply because technology has changed. Or because time has begun to warp and wear down older media.