Https //aka ms/remoteconnect is a Bug faced on Minecraft PS4 Bedrock Edition. Minecraft players who try to play the game for the first time using the Microsoft account mostly face this bug. The result of this bug is not being able to cross-play using a Microsoft account.

The main reason for receiving the https //aka ms/remoteconnect message is because of the device change. A lot of players change their devices for not experiencing a lot of features. If you want to change your devices, suppose from XBOX One to PS4 then you are most likely to face the Microsoft login bug.

The result of this bug is not being able to sign in Minecraft with your Microsoft account. You will be constantly notified with an error message like https //aka ms/remoteconnect, enter Microsoft Code.Another reason for facing the https // remoteconnect sign in error is due to Cross play. Crossplay is available in Minecraft but you need a Microsoft account. So, it's just a matter of commands now in Bedrock Editions.

I know it sucks because it takes away the key assets of the game. Sadly, you can’t even buy anything from the store because the tokens are no longer accepted.This https //aka ms/remoteconnect error is only seen on Ps4 and Xbox One or Xbox 360. So, if you are a brand new Microsoft account holder then you will see the error message.