What are the main advantages and considerations of choosing polished concrete as a flooring option for both residential and commercial spaces? Can you provide insights into the process of polishing concrete floors, including surface preparation, diamond grinding or honing, and the application of densifiers and sealers? Are there specific factors to consider when selecting the desired level of sheen or gloss for polished concrete floors, such as matte, satin, or high-gloss finishes? Can you share tips or recommendations for maintaining and cleaning polished concrete floors to retain their shine and minimize wear over time? How does polished concrete tampa compare to other flooring materials in terms of durability, resistance to stains, or ease of maintenance? Are there any limitations or potential issues associated with polished concrete, such as existing cracks or imperfections in the concrete substrate? Can you provide insights into the versatility of polished concrete in terms of design options, including decorative aggregates, color dyes, or patterns, for achieving unique and customized flooring aesthetics?