What are the key considerations for designing and constructing a waterproof deck in areas with heavy rainfall or extreme weather conditions, and how do specialized waterproofing systems or techniques address these challenges to ensure maximum protection against water infiltration? How does the slope and pitch of a waterproof deck affect its ability to effectively shed water and prevent pooling or standing water issues? What are the recommended materials and methods for waterproof deck Salt Lake City posts, supports, and connections to maintain a continuous barrier against water penetration? How do waterproof deck membranes or coatings address potential vulnerabilities, such as expansion and contraction due to temperature fluctuations or structural movement, to maintain long-term waterproofing performance? What measures can be taken to enhance the waterproofing integrity of deck openings, such as stairs, railings, or access points, to prevent water seepage and potential damage to the underlying structure? What are the best practices for ongoing maintenance and inspection of a waterproof deck in harsh weather environments, including cleaning, sealing, and addressing any signs of wear or deterioration to ensure long-lasting protection and performance?