Transferring selected chats to the WhatsApp storage leads to the disappearance of correspondence from the main screen of the application.

The archiving option helps the user:

Clear the main chat window of unnecessary information. Having too many conversations displayed interferes with your normal viewing of messages and makes it difficult to quickly find the information you need.
Hide messages coming from overly active interlocutors who impose their communication.
Temporarily remove irrelevant conversations from view, with the option to later return the chat content to the main screen.
Organize your correspondence by ranking it in order of importance.
Recording messages inside the archive folder does not mean compressing the volume of files and will not help clear the phone's memory. Archived information is simply moved to another location. … v-vatsape/

Data saved inside the archive can always be found for viewing, returning to the main application screen, or permanent deletion.

To record an individual or group chat inside the storage, perform the following steps:

Open WhatsApp .
Go to the dialogues tab.
Long tap on the name of the selected interlocutor.
Tick other chats that need archiving.
Click the "folder down arrow" icon from the context menu at the top of the screen.
You can archive your entire message history to start communication from scratch:

Log in to the application.
Go to the menu by clicking the three dots symbol at the top right of the page.
Open the settings block.
Go to the "Chat" tab.
Click "Conversation History".
Perform the “Archive all dialogs” operation.
After the operation is completed, all correspondence will be recorded inside the archive. New messages received from interlocutors will be immediately visible in the conversations tab.