Wholesale watches can come in different forms; they could be the latest models that you get from the manufacturer, or last year's models that you buy from a department store or manufacturer from their unsold stock. Wherever you get them and however you get them, they can come in bulk and you might not always have a choice as to what you get. Of course with new watches you can send back the ones that don't work, whereas that option may or may not be available when you buy the left over stock from a department store. Generally, you will pay a lower price for these watches than when buying from a department store.

Unless the stock contains the same type of wholesale watches đồng hồ nam that you buy, you would have to sort them out once you get them. Sort them by brand first and then by models. Some will fetch you a good price and some a little lower, so pricing them correctly is very important. A well priced inventory sells fast and thus frees up the working capital for more stock. It makes good business sense to have your inventory move. A good thing to do is check each one to make sure they are working right. It is important that only the good ones go into the stock you sell. It is also a good idea to save a few for yourself; you can form a museum with what you have. But of course that is for some people only.