You can just be a god at  M1887 and get tons of value with it. You can do that in a single day. Take a bunch of different guns that are good in different scenarios and just spend a bit of time every single day mastering these guns, instead of just deciding on a whim what gun you’re going to use. That is the way to become a lot more proficient than the average player. You’re going to be better and you’re going to climb out of the rank you’re in.

Discipline is another thing that many players lack in Free Fire. What is being disciplined? Well, the first thing that you need to understand is that nothing is an auto loss. It may feel sometimes like a game is automatically lost. You lose four games in a row or someone’s toxic and the game just starts going downhill.

Ask yourself this, how many times have you been rolling kode redeem ff on an enemy team. You might have won seven games and then out of nowhere, the enemy teams started performing well. Now you’re losing games one after the other. So, “what changed” is a good question to ask. Somehow your winning streak was taken down so hard. Typically here’s how it happens. A couple of games go well in isolation and that snowballs in the opposite direction. Maybe your team got a little too complacent and pushed in or maybe the enemy team just popped off.

You need to understand that your specific impact can have a snowball’s effect. Basically, it’s always worth it to try your best to the very end. So what you can do here is to make sure that you’re never setting yourself up on the wrong foot when you’re entering your games. Always warm up and make sure that you never enter a game feeling like a subpar version of yourself. You don’t want to say that your aim feels really off right now. With excuses like those, you’re already setting up your failure. The best way to just get rid of that altogether is just to do your due diligence. Warm up ahead of time so that you can perform to your best ability in-game.

Here lies the most important tip about improving in this Free Fire guide. Improvement is a marathon, not a race. A lot of people want that secret sauce. Many players think that by watching a five minute video they can win Booyahs. They’ll watch one video and then all of a sudden all their prayers are answered. They’re popping off, ranking up all the way to Grand Master.

The reality is, improving is something that is much more similar to a marathon, not a sprint. Here’s the thing, a lot of people might be ahead of you but they’re going to give up all the same. If you are diligent and you are constantly working on yourself you will surpass them. This is about all kinds of improvement game sense, positioning, ability use, being a better communicator, and your aim of course. These are things that slowly but surely improve little by little. Here’s the thing that can happen if you do not give up. It’s called the snowball effect. Eventually things are all gonna connect together. It’s like a spiderweb of all these ideas and all these little bits of improvement that are all scattered.