We’ve all seen inspirational quotes, they are inescapable. They are chock full of elegant scripts and decorative photos with a meaningful sentence or two laid overtop. You can find these online, on posters at work, or on billboards as you drive down the highway. These quotes affect us positively and keep us motivated throughout the day. Are you the type of person who sees someone working or planning or contemplating and you immediately want to offer up some words or wisdom?

Not just from a micromanaging standpoint–not that there’s anything wrong with that–but from wanting to genuinely help someone who may be struggling. This is another way inspirational quotes help us: they’re called inspirational quotes because they inspire.There is only one question: Why do they matter? Let’s look at three of the different yet similar reasons they help us.We could go on forever about the importance of brainstorming.

When you’re pulling a story together, inspiration can come from the world around you, or you may have to do a little detective work.  Browsing through pages of quotes can help you brainstorm and collect different ideas to help decide the light of the piece. If you’re writing a blog about finding peace of mind, reading  “You’ll never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart,”  (a quote by music sensation George Michael) may steer you in the direction of discussing the importance of listening to your heart when making major decisions, somethng you might not have ever considered.