Large block ice lasts long then regular cubed ice and it can be a great way to keep things cold for an extended period of time. But how can you make block ice at home and it is hard to do?The good news is it's pretty easy to make block ice at home and there are lots of different methods you can use to do it.

Larger blocks of ice last longer and melt slower than cubed ice and a few large blocks of ice in your cooler can often keep things cold for days at a time.The stack of 9 large blocks of ice above, from this video, of ice was covered in saw dust and left outside. 1 entire month later there was still ice left! For more detail visit

It's covered in saw dust but those rock looking things are actually 1 month old ice!Making your own block ice can be a great way to save money, as you won't have to buy any ice, and also if you've made block ice in bottles (as we'll show you) then you can use the melted ice as drinking water during your trip.If you take the time and effort to make clear blocks of ice, which we'll talk about, then these can last even longer than regularly frozen ice. Plus they can be used for cocktail drinks, spirits or even ice carving and they look great.