baani sandhu was successful at telling this story, and he got a lot of praise for his bravery and sacrifice. He was called "The Man of the Century" in his village and was often visited by the rich and famous. But because he couldn't afford to live very well, he couldn't afford to give a lot of money away, so the money he received went straight back into his family. Sandhu was always hungry for more money, but never thought that he could ever be rich.

In later years, Sandhu's life became even more interesting. When his father died, Sandhu inherited the family wealth, but then it got worse. His brother and sister found themselves very poor and were constantly harassed by their father's wife. Eventually, they killed her, so they couldn't get the money she owed them.

As luck would have it, Sandhu met an old man named Gurdas Kumar who was the most powerful man in the village. He taught Sandhu many things and introduced him to many influential people. Sandhu even became friends with the princely families of the city. However, Sandhu still didn't have very many friends, and he still hadn't earned the kind of money he dreamed of in his early years.